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For The Love of a Glove

Consulting Producer,

Asst. Musical Director

Teaming up, once again, with Award-winning writer/director Julien Nitzberg, HMM is working alongside industry vets Leigh Crawford, Tony Jones, Betsy Zajko and Burk Zanft to mount this "magically, funky fable" about the King of Pop as told by his glove. Nominated for multiple theatre awards, including Best Actor (Eric B. Anthony,) and Best Costuming.


Subaru Campaigns

Asst. Musical Director,

On-Camera & Vocal Coach

Heather was touched to once again be Asst. Musical Director to beautifully melodious composer, Roger Neil, as well as vocal and on-camera coach to the "real people" talent for Subaru's Share The Love campaigns, featuring the song "Put A Little Love In Your Heart."  For two years, working with folks from Make-A-Wish Foundation, Meals On Wheels, National Parks and ASPCA has been a personal highlight.


of Performing Arts

Program Director

As a Professional Expert, HMM is thrilled to be such an integral part of this special program that makes quality access to the Arts available to students identified as gifted and talented in the disciplines of acting, dance and music. Now in it's 43rd year, The Conservatory utilizes the talents of 12 teachers, 5 accompanists, and 5 aides to service approximately 240 students.

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