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Actress, Recording Artist and Detroit native, Heather Marie Marsden is enjoying a diversified career, encompassing the big and small screens, stage and recording studio


Heather has starred in, recurred or guest starred on over 49 TV and film titles, including playing "Kevin's sister," who was "Mrs. Lovett" in the community theatre production of Sweeney Todd on The Office. Catch all that?  HMM has starred in M.O.W.s for Spike and PiXL, as well 2 other made-for-TV action films. HMM's feature films include acting opposite Ike Barinholtz in How to Make Love to a Woman, Colin Hanks and Ari Grayner in the dark comedy Lucky, and cracking a bull-whip in The Pool Boys from the American Pie creators.  She voiced the immensely popular character, "Sarah Lyons" in the award-winning game Fallout 3 which also starred Liam Neeson and Malcolm McDowell, and narrated the 2008 Spike TV Video Game Awards hosted by Jack Black.


"Putting the entirety of acting opposite John Turturro aside, some of my favorite acting moments so far in my career were not captured on film, but in Johnny Depp's office surrounded by his amazing paintings of Brando. I was playing "Miss Vicki" opposite John Turturro as "Tiny Tim"  in a reading of Julien Nitzberg's fantastic film script about Tiny Tim's life. I was sitting to John's right, and Penny Marshall, who was playing his Mother, to his left. A scene came up that hadn't been cast, so Penny and I jumped in as lesbian Hookers "#1" and  "#2" in a bar scene.... I just kept thinking 'I'm comedy bantering in a scene as a toothless hooker with Laverne DeFazio. Go figure.'  One of my other favorite moments was a scene where "Tiny Tim" and "Miss Vicki" break into song and John just started singing away, so, of course, living for this stuff, I jumped in too with my high-pitched, Jersey "Miss Vicki" voice..... a duet with John Turturro. Take it any way you can get it! Yes, please, and thank you."


When not on camera, Heather often returns to her theatre roots.  She joined the Chicago cast of Million Dollar Quartet for 190 performances (6 months) as "Dyanne" , Elvis' girlfriend, in the Tony Nominated show. Trained in the theatre, Heather's professional career started when she toured the United States with the National Tour of Sweet Charity. Within the first month of moving to Los Angeles, Heather landed the role of "Val" in A Chorus Line, directed by Baayork Lee, one of the original cast members of the Tony Award winning play. Later, Heather received great reviews (MARSDEN IS THE PERFECT INGENUE" - Charles Battersby, NYTheatre,  "H(MM) IS VERY FETCHING AS THE CUTE AND CAPTIVATING BECKY - Alan Ruskin, for originating and reprising  the role of "Becky Fielding" in the quirky 50's sci-fi musical hit It Came From Beyond, which was nominated for an Ovation Award for "Best Musical".  Heather also originated the role of "Elyssa", the Presidents' drug happy daughter (MARSDEN DAZZLES - Robert Farini, Variety) in the satirical cult-hit operetta, The Beastly Bombing, which won LA Weekly's "Musical of the Year" Award, and ran for almost a year in LA as well as playing at NYMF.  HMM also originated the role of "Zephyr" in the Pasadena Playhouse world premiere of the rock musical Mask, directed by Richard Maltby, Jr., (4 time Tony Award winner), and created by Anna Hamilton Phelan (Oscar nominee), and Cynthia Weir and Barry Mann (multi Grammy winners) based on the Peter Bogdanovich film.


Heathers' musicianship has led her to the recording studio, where she has co-written and co-produced two pop/rock releases and a Billboard charting dance hit that showcase her as a talented and credible songwriter and vocalist. Songs from her first release, Pieces of Skye, have been heard on shows such as Justified, Jane by Design, Law & Order CI, Melrose Place 2.0 (2011), Miss Teen USA, Running in Heels, Cheerleader Nation, Sports Illustrated Supermodel Search, and more. Cuts from her second release, darkblueworlds' The Harratt Sessions, received airplay on LA's 103.1 and have been featured on Melrose Place 2.0 (2011) and the horror film Boo!.  Her single "Venice Freak" (WaterMusic Records / Universal) entered the Billboard Dance Charts at #25, alongside Madonna and Beyonce, and also appeared on Trance Divas 2  as well as many, many compilations.  Heather's newest musical project, the well received ("SIMMERING, SULTRY GREATNESS - iTUNES") So, This Is Love (Not Us Music / BFM) is a romantic, jazzy stroll through classic Disney songs. Heather's vocals have also been heard on over 30 commercials and soundtracks including  The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia,  LaBou, Tanner Hall, McDonalds, Toyota, Barbie, and FOX's Ab Fab pilot.


"OK.  So...the time I sang with Bob Dylan all day and didn't realize it was him.... Yeah, thats' a good one. When I arrived to the near-empty studio, I asked this Cool Guy where to go, and he said, "You're singing' for me." "Great!" I said.  Like a gentleman, he offered me the speaker sweet spot and the engineer played an amazing song for me. I'm listening, and thinking, "um....this sounds like Bob Dylan" I looked around, no one in the studio was reacting. I thought, "OMG, I am totally hanging with Bob Dylan. And, he's playing me his new song."  When the song was finished, The Cool Guy asked, "What do you think?"   So, thinking that it couldn't be Bob Dylan, because Bob Dylan is not going to ask me "what I think," I responded with  "I think its gorgeous, although, I must admit, I don't quite understand the lyrics in verse 2." "Hmmm...." The Cool Guy said. "Ok, let's listen to this one." The engineer played the next song. Now I'm thinking... "Woah - that is definately  Bob Dylan singing.... is this a joke?  What does he need me for? Is someone playing a gag on me? How much would a prank like this cost? I don't know anyone who could afford it...... I'm confused. Wow, this song is beautiful.... I can smell wet pavement and cold trees in NY through the lyrics. This guy sure writes spell-binding songs."  My whole day went like this. "Its him!"  " It's not him."  "Yes, it must be!" "Nope. No way...... "  I spent one-on-one time with The Cool Guy and his guitar as he changed the key of the wet-pavement song to match my voice.(Can't be him.)  I recorded that gorgeous piece while he popped in and out of the vocal booth changing things, directing me, encouraging me to let my artistry come through, which is not always wanted in vocal sessions like these. (Could it be him?)  I felt like i was absolutely soaring. The music made me fly, so I just hung on and enjoyed it (If it is, or if it isn't him, I'm lovin' every minute of it) and it was one of the best recording experiences I've ever had. At the end, after connecting with and bantering with The Cool Guy all day, he told me how much he liked my voice. So, of course, I was back to  thinking "NO WAY IT'S HIM".  So, trying to be proactive and keep in touch with great clients,  I asked The Cool Guy for his business card. Yes. That's right. I asked Bob Dylan for his business card. Fortunately, he's a Cool Guy. So, he didn't chuckle or smirk, but I glimpsed a twinkle in his eye."


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